Jamones Sánchez started his course in 1976, in a small storehouse located in the street Mariano Ayala, in Bollullos Par del Condado (Huelva). From his creation up to this moment it has become one of the most leading companies of the market, and more and more, people with good palate are inclined by its products.

Su fundador Juan Antonio Sánchez Espina, contHis founder Juan Antonio Sánchez Espina, was supported in his beginning by the invaluable assistance of his father, Manuel Sánchez Domínguez, they joining efforts in the first steps of the company.

In the year 1982, due to the application of his met of sale and distribution, it moves to its own installations in Guadalquivir Street, its current position.

Jamones Sánchez has a qualified and experience staff, they take care to all the details to offer the best products to all his clients, due to his customized and professional treatment.

Following always the line of offering the best service to the client, we have our own fleet of vehicles. It makes possible the cycle order-delivery of so guaranteed products.

For this company the key is contact and customer service. It success and improvement is due to the confidence of all of them, besides of the tenacity and perseverance of those who compose that company.