Jamones Sánchez pays special attention to Iberian ham, its stands out for his carefully cure, natural process and for its beneficial properties to our health: it is a meat low-calorie, it protects the cardiac and circulatory systems, it reduces cholesterol and it is rich in many types of vitamins.

It should be noted his enormous range of Iberian cured cold meat, such as lomo (loin), chorizos, salchichones, and Iberian morcones. They all have been elaborated with the best Iberian pig meats and natural additives, like garlic, cayenne, olive oil, or some herbs.

As well as having a broad range of cheese ranging from pure sheep cheese, through to cured and soft, until goat cheese. They will be a delight of all the palates, evens the most demanding. We are manufacturers of salted offering a wide variety of products, like: pancetta, Iberian tocino, ribs, backbone etc.

Without forgetting the pork Iberian and whites, furthermore of beef and lamb, products in which it has been specialized in the last years, taking a wide range of cuts.

The Jamones Sánchez’s products offer a flavor and a texture difficult to forget. They are essential products not only in any event, but also in our diary table, because of, besides being tasty delicacies; they contribute a great nutritional value.