Jamones Sánchez
A Question of Family
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Since 1976

A Legend that Keeps Growing

Ours is a family story that began in 1976 on Mariano Ayala street in Bollullos Par del Condado (Huelva). Juan Antonio Sánchez Espina, our founder, with the help of his father Manuel Sánchez Domínguez and of his wife María Jesús Lagares González, took the first steps that changed the business into the successful company we are today. From there we take the philosophy of quality, care, and personalized service that continue to form the basis of our business.

We take care of the detail to offer you the best product


A Question of Tradition

In Jamones Sánchez we believe in the importance of tradition. Tradition of knowing what to do, which we have done since our beginnings. Knowing how to choose the best pieces to offer unrivaled quality. Giving every client personalized attention. Counting on the best professionals who provide that distinctive treatment and are the heart of our company. Only this way can we guarantee every one of our products with our characteristic maximum standard of quality

Highest quality guaranteed

For an exquisite product

Iberian sausages

Made with the best pork from Iberian pigs and natural additives like garlic, paprika and oil

The importance it deserves

A Question of Quality

At Jamones Sánchez we know how to choose the best pork products: hams, shoulders and sausages of the highest quality. We make sure the animals have been raised and fed in the most correct and natural way possible. We guarantee that the best hands have taken care of them and the drying and curing of the meat finishes in the best prepared facilities. That’s why our products have a flavor that’s hard to forget. Having good taste is a gift, and so is knowing how to make the best choices. At Jamones Sánchez we have made both of these an art.